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A web-based terminal multiplexer.

By Ron Reiter

webmux is a stand-alone server you can run anywhere. It will store all necessary connection information and allow you to easily connect to any server with a click of a button.

The webmux server opens the connections for you, so if you close the window, the terminal stays open. This also allows multiple users to interact with the same windows simultaneously.


To install, first install the libffi package (required by cffi, a dependency of Twisted):

sudo yum install libffi-devel


sudo apt-get install libffi-dev

Then, install using pip:

sudo pip install webmux


git clone
cd webmux
sudo python install

Running the daemon

After installing, run:


And then access http://localhost:8080. Note that webmux will create a file called webmux.db in its working directory, in which it will store all connection and user information


Create and manage connections

Webmux allows you to create connections and store user names, passwords, and private keys.

Manage Users

Webmux also has a simple interface for creating and managing users for your server.


Feel free to fork and contribute to the webmux project: